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We used a set of simple definitions to underpin our discussions, which are listed below.

We also used the word 'education' in an extremely broad sense throughout this project. Although our main focus was on children and young people, we recognised it covered adult, community and other work done by cultural organisations.

The CES Jargonbuster aims to help UK funders, the Charity Commission and voluntary and community organisations be more consistent in the way they use technical terms in voluntary sector management and commissioning.

Monitoring means the collection of data relating to inputs and outputs. It is concerned with measurement. It is '2D' or two-dimensional.It is a management process used to check that something has happened

Evaluation means reviewing the inputs into a project, the quality of the activity, the delivery process and whether aims, objectives and expected outputs / outcomes relating to that process were met. It covers everything that is in the control of the provider. In a sense it is '3D' or three dimensional, looking at all angles.

Impact Assessment means demonstrating specific change that has occurred as a result of the inputs / the activity taking place. It examines activity over a period of time. Change relates to recipients and is therefore external to the provider. It is '4D' - the fourth dimension being time.

Reporting/documentation means creating an account of activities that have taken place, using a variety of media and inputs.

Research means setting a specific question or set of questions and undertaking a process to find out the answer.