Meeting 1

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15th May 2013 at Rich Mix

In Meeting 1, our key theme was Drivers for Impact Assessment. The meeting was structured around four questions:
1. What do we want to know when we assess impact?
2. Why do we want to know it?
3. Whom do we want to tell?
4. What are the opportunities and the barriers?


Download Meeting 1 Agenda

Guest Speaker

Elizabeth Crump, Strategic Lead at What Next? and the Cultural Learning Alliance.

Lizzie Crump Biography

Guest Speaker: Lizzie Crump "Why is Impact Assessment important in the current landscape?"

The group undertook two pieces of homework:

1. To carry out a reflective meeting with a colleague within their organisation, looking at drivers, goals, barriers and actions. An agenda was provided (see download, left).

2. To write up a research aim, showing the basic questions that underpin the work that they do.