Meeting 4

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September 2013 at A New Direction

Content Overview

In Meeting 4 we aimed to cover a number of areas.

  • Feedback on the homework from Meeting 3 about Theory of Change
  • Consider a case study example of an organisation that has successfully embedded impact assessment into its culture
  • Learn about alternatives to an outcomes-based approach
  • Summarise the learning outcomes of the project so far, and decide what should be communicated to the sector more widely through the planned seminar and the website


Guest Speakers

Adam discussed the following key points:

  • Due to the evidence base, Safe Ground knows more about what difference it makes and understands its own value.
  • Impact Assessment plays an important role in quality assurance. For example, Safe Ground can look at course completion rates and interrogate any negative results. The organisation can also assess the effectiveness of its programmes across different prison settings, and can understand any variance.
  • Impact Assessment has contributed to strategic development. For example, the organisation discovered that men on the programmes did not go on to access support from other agencies. This led to a restructure of the programme content, and now accessing other agency support is embedded as an outcome.

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The approach is described in detail in a blog post by Kieron. The post additionally discussed how data generated through this method can be translated and communicated. Click on the link button below to read the post.