Arts Impact Assessment

Methodology and Practice

Different tools and models and how to use them, with links to information, research and data, and downloads of useful publications.

Published by New Philanthropy Capital. Measuring impact creates real benefits for charities: helping them prove their worth, communicate with supporters, and clarify their strategy to be as effective as they can be. There are challenges involved, but they can be overcome. We draw on the experience of six charities who are leading the way to show how good impact measurement can be done. Click on the logo to visit NPC's website.

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Journey to Greater Impact by Rickey, Ni Ogain and Lumley

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The Arts Alliance - The Evidence Library

The Arts Alliance - The Evidence Library is an online library housing the key research and evaluation documents on the impact of arts-based projects, programmes and interventions within the Criminal Justice System.

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The Rand Corporation

The Rand Corporation - an American institution whose aim is to help improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. Research undertaken includes the arts.

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A guide to developing a local outcomes framework for culture and sport

Produced by the Local Government Association, this web resource provides guidance for councils and their partners on how to create a local outcomes framework for culture and sport. It aims to help measure and evidence the difference a specific service makes and its contribution to local priorities, and to make the case for continued investment of public money. You may have to 'dig around' a little to find everything you need.

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Principles of Good Impact Reporting

Principles Into Practice - various authors

A document for charities and social enterprises produced by ACEVO, Charity Finance Group, Institute of Fundraising, NCVO, New Philanthropy Capital, Small Charities Coalition, Social Enterprise UK and SROI Network.


New Philanthropy Capital, sponsored by Inspiring Financial Leadership. How charities and social enterprises communicate impact, including views from across the Third Sector.

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‘Measuring and Evaluating Outcomes in Practice’

Social Research Association: Ethical guidelines

Impact Networks by Belinda Vernon and Joe Ludlow

New Philanthropy Capital Conference, 23.5.2013. These notes were made by Catherine Sutton, who attended this conference on behalf of the Impact Assessment Project for Arts Inform. They are a personal response and not an official record of the event.

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The origins of the SRA’s concern to maintain an up-to-date set of ethical guidelines and be proactive in the discussion of social research ethics lies in our sense of responsibility for standard-setting in the profession of social research. This guide examines the obligations researchers have to society, funders, employers, participants, etc.


Youth Music

Youth Music's Outcomes resource pack is a guide for its grantees into the key principles of an outcomes based approach to planning and evaluating their music projects. They describe an outcomes approach as one that "focuses on the changes, benefits and learning of your work, and ensures that planning and evaluation concentrates on the difference and impact achieved by your work and how best to demonstrate this".

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Charities are facing severe financial pressures, greater competition for fewer funds, and higher demand for their services as public spending is cut. Many charities are scaling back and even closing some of their activities. It is crucial that remaining resources are allocated to the activities most effective in delivering outcomes, so there is a strong incentive for charities to work together as part of an impact network.

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Blueprint for shared measurement by Eibhlin Ni Ogain, Lucy de Las Casas and Marina Svistak

Shared measurement involves charities working towards similar goals reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so. In this report, which is part of NPC’s work on Inspiring Impact, we discuss the benefits and challenges associated with shared measurement, and through analysis of twenty approaches, examine how it is developed and draw lessons for future initiatives.

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Standards of Evidence for Impact Investing by Ruth Puttick and Joe Ludlow

Impact Investing is gaining ground. The prospect of being able to tackle social challenges whilst making a profit is an attractive proposition, but too often evidence of impact is missing. We need evidence to establish whether a product or service is benefitting those it sets out to serve, and then to focus investment on products and services that can make the most difference. To help us achieve this NESTA has developed a new approach, Standards of Evidence for Impact Investing.