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Planning and Change

Impact Assessment requires planning and results in change. But it also may require an appreciable shift in the way your organisation thinks and manages itself.

If you are leading only a part of your organisation – for example, the education and outreach department – it may be possible for you to decide to embed Impact Assessment into your practice. However, if it is something which you feel needs to be embraced by your whole organisation, the task is more complex. These issues arose throughout the project and in several of our meetings.

For impact assessment to be of use to an organisation, it must have a clear mission or vision for its work, against which impact can be measured. An additional issue is that in many cases the outreach work of an arts organisation may have aims and priorities that are different from its artistic policy – this is usually not an issue for museums or heritage organisations. It is worth taking the opportunity to clarify mission, aims and priorities in order to assess whether impact assessment is something that the organisation wishes to pursue.