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Greater London Authority. This project aims to improve chances for children and youths in London by supporting charitable organisations evaluate their projects, and creating a source of independently assessed and evaluated projects. This link goes straight to its Standards of Evidence page, but there is much else of interest.


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Project Oracle: Children & Youth Evidence Hub - Standards of Evidence


Impact measurement in youth justice by Camilla Nevill and Tris Lumley

This report is part of New Philanthropy Capital's  'Measuring together' series which aims to help charities to overcome barriers to impact reporting by working together and sharing methods and approaches.

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Youth Music

Youth Music's Outcomes resource pack is a guide for its grantees into the key principles of an outcomes based approach to planning and evaluating their music projects. They describe an outcomes approach as one that "focuses on the changes, benefits and learning of your work, and ensures that planning and evaluation concentrates on the difference and impact achieved by your work and how best to demonstrate this".

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Impact measurement in the NEETs sector by David Pritchard, Matt van Poortvliet and Sarah Keen

Charities do much important work to get young people into education, employment and training. But measuring the impact of this work can be difficult as results are often intangible. In an era where funding is more and more dependent on evidence, NPC’s report explores how charities in the youth sector can work together to overcome some of the barriers to measuring impact.

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Framework of ourcomes for young people by Bethia McNeil, Julia Rich and Neil Reeder

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The Young Foundation was established in 2005 and has been instrumental in driving thinking, action and change in social innovation in the UK and abroad. This Framework of Outcomes for Young People is designed to highlight the fundamental importance of social and emotional capabilities to the achievement of all other outcomes for all young people.

Raising the standard of work by, with and for children and young people:  by  Pippa Lord, Caroline Sharp, Ben Lee, et al.

Subtitled: ‘research and consultation to understand the principles of quality’. Many artists and cultural organisations work with children and young people. But what are the hallmarks of high quality in this type of work? Arts Council England commissioned this research from NFER and Shared Intelligence to understand more about how to demonstrate quality and impact. The team investigated a range of existing quality frameworks and consulted with people across the arts and cultural sectors. This work provides a starting point for further sector-led development and testing the quality principles in practice.